Please welcome Bw Pose, Branding with Type’s new serif font family carefully crafted to provide a stylish and romantic tone of voice.

Bw Pose has been slowly cooking for the last two years. It follows the neoclassical patterns of high contrast, narrow proportions, hairline serifs and ball terminals, set in the late eighteenth century by Didot in France and his Italian counterpart Gianbattista Bodoni.

The result are two separate subfamilies each with subtle features portraying different personalities: Bw Pose No 3’s more traditional shapes are peppered with subdued quirky details, like the tall tails or the semi-wedge serifs, marrying the sophistication of the Didone genre with a contemporary approach. Bw Pose No 5 daring attitude goes a step further by adding an extra layer of quirkiness to its shapes; sharper angles, joined hairline serifs forming crossbars and the looped top part of the S are its more prominent visual features.

Bw Pose

Designed by Alberto Romanos, the two subfamilies are available in 6 weights from the subtle Thin to the powerful ExtraBold with matching true italics, providing a smart and elegant palette for the task at hand. It supports all European Latin languages and it includes OpenType features like stylistic alternates, ligatures, old style figures or case sensitive forms.

Get to know all the details about the Bw Pose font family here.

All our font families can be licensed under any our our standard Desktop, Webfont, Desktop + Webfont and the exclusive Branding with Type all-in-one font licenses. A free demo version is also available for testing purposes.

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