After 4 years of feedback, we have revisited the wording on our font licenses trying to clarify what you can and can’t do, always staying true to the principle of no-nonsense font licensing and keeping things as simple as possible.

First things first, a bit of font licensing basics: When you place an order on our website, you don’t get to own the fonts, you purchase a font license that grants you certain rights of usage.

All our font licenses remain global and on perpetuity with just a one-off payment. The only moment you might need to pay an additional fee is when you need an upgrade. Needless to say we will take into account what you already paid and apply the appropriate discount.

We changed the wording to make sure character subsetting for embedding, whether it is on documents, webfonts, digital ads or apps, is the only modification allowed. If you would like to tweak some characters, expand the language coverage or any other kind of modification, please get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Now down to specifics:

2021 bwtype font licensing chart

We brought more clarity to our Desktop font license, which is mainly intended for printing stuff and generating outlined artwork, including logotypes. We were very tempted to rename it as “Print”, but you don’t always print a pdf and you can also use this license to generate static graphics (a png or a jpeg, for example) for a website. The only thing you can’t do is selling prints using just characters from any of our fonts.

Our webfont license got a more substantial facelift. You still get unlimited page-views on all websites you own, but the pricing now works in line with the other font licenses available, based on the number of users creating graphics and content with it. With this update you can now share the font files with your partnering agencies and freelance developers, always within the limit of users you purchased the license for. The logic is simple and it’s the same logic we applied to the rest of our licensing: if we don’t charge different whether you print 20 or 20 million brochures, we won’t charge different whether you have 20 or 20 million visitors on your site. We will only look at the size of your team.

Branding with Type
The Branding with Type font license stays true to its original soul and purpose: To cover for all possible touchpoints. We have reworded the App, EPUB, animation and broadcast usages, as well as adding a dedicated paragraph for digital advertising usage. For all these usage scenarios, there’s no page-views, downloads, installations or impressions limit.

OK, but what about my existing font license?
You just need to download and keep a copy of the new font license for your records. We decided to update for free all previous licenses purchased directly from the Branding with Type website. For old webfont only licenses that didn’t include a number of users, we will match it to a 1-5 user tier.

Please find below all the new licenses:

Desktop EULA (PDF)
Webfont EULA (PDF)
Desktop + Webfont EULA (PDF)
Branding with Type EULA (PDF)