Bw Fusiona is Branding with Type’s new workhorse font system boasting 7 weights with matching oblique italics across 5 widths, giving designers 70 styles to choose from. The different weights are numbered from the tall and delicate 23 Thin to the expansive 69 Black.

The narrow and standard subfamilies (43 to 59) work great in paragraphs and long text settings but they also perform well when used as display, revealing all their quirky visual appeal.

The narrower we get, the higher the x-height, looking for impactful, space-filling headlines at the tall and tight end of the spectrum, with a confident and airy feel towards the wider side, while keeping a more balanced set of proportions in the middle.

Bw Fusiona workhorse typeface system
Bw Fusiona workhorse typeface system

Centrifugal contrast 

The entire Bw Fusiona typeface system is built around the concept of centrifugal contrast; there’s a dynamic tension pulling from the inside, almost like a gravitational force, resulting in thinner strokes at the centre of the characters. The typeface overall proportions were borrowed from the traditional grotesque models, carrying through the distilled curves and economy of shapes signature of the style. 

Aiming to produce a highly functional typeface, as well as the multiple widths, there was also an exercise of control in keeping the contrast at the right proportions: Not too little as it would become unnoticeable, but not too much as it would cripple its versatility. 

All this creates a subtle yet very distinct feel, providing brands with a typographic asset for differentiation while staying relevant and familiar.

Bw Fusiona workhorse typeface system
Bw Fusiona & Bw Fusiona Alts

Designed by Alberto Romanos, Bw Fusiona supports all European Latin languages and it includes OpenType features like stylistic alternates, ligatures, tabular figures or case sensitive forms among others.

All our font families can be licensed under any of our standard Desktop, Webfont, Desktop + Webfont and the exclusive Branding with Type all-in-one licenses. A free demo version is also available for testing purposes.

Download the Bw Fusiona workhorse font system 40% off until the end of March 2022.