Bw Modelica font family has grown up and now it’s available in 3 additional widths (Ultra Condensed, Condensed and Expanded) becoming an essential workhorse typeface suited for a vast array of design scenarios.

Bw Modelica 2.0

In type design there’s a difference between the moment a type designer considers a font ready for publishing and the fact that a typeface will never be actually finished, there will always be something to tweak and improve. The Bw Modelica family was first published in January 2016 with 16 styles across 1 ‘normal’ width. During the process of designing the new widths, we went through the process of reviewing all the already published characters and we couldn’t help it but modify and improve some of them, adding some feedback gathered from users of the font during this 10 months of life too.



Among the improvements, the new version of Bw Modelica features improved ogonek and cedilla, better balance on the counters of the capital M, slightly wider S and a slightly narrower lining zero. We’ve also re-designed the dollar and cent symbols, making them more legible on the darker weights.

3 new widths. More flexibility


The Ultra Condensed weights work very well on very tight space conditions but also for display purposes. It maintains the geometric feel of the original design, adding and extra level of impact and sophistication.


Bw Modelica Condensed offers a more subtle variation that allows for laying longer and denser text, optimising the use of the space available without compromising on legibility.


The expanded styles offer the more expressive and loud opportunities for those situations where there’s no holding back.

All the new font files include the same OpenType features and the independent stylistic sets that contribute to Bw Modelica’s unique’s personality.

About Bw Modelica

Designed by Alberto romanos, Bw Modelica is a minimal, robust, reliable & pragmatic geometric sans. Its clean shapes and generous x-height makes it a very competent face for both, display and body copy purposes.

It’s available in four widths, each containing eight weights with matching oblique italics (that’s 64 styles in total). The main font files include two stylistic sets allowing for more expressive options, specially for display use.

SS01 and SS02 are also available as stand-alone font files, for those who would prefer to use them directly without activating the OpenType feature.

The complete Bw Modelica font family is on sale at 80% off until the end of November.