Do you want to try one of our fonts on a project for showing a client how it would look like, but don’t want to pay for a license upfront? No worries, we got you covered.

Earlier in January 2016 we started testing the idea of the free trial fonts with Fontspring, one of our authorised resellers. Later this year we continued the testing by making the full Bw Surco family and the Regular weight of Bw Modelica available under a demo license.

Today we extended the free demo license to the rest of our library, making all our typefaces available for designers to test them and use them on their designs when presenting new ideas to clients for approval. The files include all the characters and all the OpenType features. The only difference is the name of the files and the type of license.

On the details page of any of our fonts, right after the description and before the showcase images, you’ll find a link to the demo version that you could install and use for pitching and testing purposes. You don’t have to register, just click download. Easy.

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Demo/trial license

By downloading and/or installing our demo fonts you agree to the following user license terms:

Allowed usage:

    You may use the font to create products/visuals for testing and/or evaluation purposes only.

    You may use the font in as many workstations as you might need, always within your company.

Not allowed usage:

    You may not use the font in any products/visuals that are publicly available.

    You may not sell this font.

    You may not redistribute this font.

    You may not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works based on this font.

    You may not convert the font to webfont or any other file formats.

For using the font to create products/visuals to be used commercially, or personally, please purchase one of our standard licenses.