Up until today, our different fonts have been introduced to the market with different price tags, ranging from 9 to 30EUR. As our library continues to grow, we decided to level the base price of every single font to 20EUR (or 22.50USD) across all our families. A similar issue was in place with the full family price tags: the new criteria for pricing families is to give a 40% off on the sum of all the individual styles contained within.

We believe this is a clearer pricing strategy that help us keeping our fonts affordable, easier to understand for you and more manageable from our side.

This change implies that some fonts (like Bw Stretch or Bw Modelica’s stylistic sets) will be more expensive, but the rest of our catalog goes down. In order to compensate for those fonts going up, we’re happy to offer a 50% discount on all our families until the end of May. So far the new pricing has been updated at FontSpring and YouWorkForThem with the rest of our usual vendors joining as soon as is technically possible.

I hope you understand we can’t offer refunds to those who recently bought a license at a higher price. We won’t ask for more money to those who got a cheaper license a couple of weeks ago either.

This is part of an incoming change in licensing model coming to Branding with Type in the following weeks. Stay tuned.