We just launched our new website, and with it the new exclusive Branding with Type licenses, covering all the brand communications font licensing needs you might encounter, no matter how big or small you are. We’ve created 5 tiers from a single desktop user to unlimited usage, removing complexity so you only have to worry about the number of people using the font.

Branding with Type XS license

XS is the most basic license we offer. It allows for 1 desktop user, enough for independent designers working solo producing print design and logotypes.

Branding with Type S license

License S starts at €50 per font, allowing for up to 5 desktop users, including the all-in-one unlimited web, mobile app, ebook and broadcast usage.

Unlimited webfont usage means there’s no page-count or maximum number of domains as far as they are owned by you. Unlimited mobile app usage means the fonts can be used on as many mobile apps as the licensee owns. I guess by now you get a hint of what unlimited ebook and broadcast usage could mean.

We also include no country limitations and the possibility of sharing the fonts with regular providers at no extra cost, always observing the maximum number of desktop users.

Branding with Type M license
Branding with Type L license

Licenses M and L allow for more desktop users (up to 25 for license M and to 100 for license L) as well as the all-in-one usage covered by license S.

These two licenses offer the option of renaming the font family name after the licensees company name with the “Bw” prefix. Customising a font’s name was traditionally available only for bespoke font commissions, but now projects with smaller branding projects can benefit too from having their own corporate font, allowing for better internal brand engagement and ease of implementation.

Branding with Type XL license

Top of the price range is our XL license, including all the features available for M and L, but with unlimited desktop users and no “Bw” prefix on the font name if you were to rename it.

Please have a look at our font licensing comparison table.

Which license fits your needs?