Well, you don’t buy fonts, you actually buy a license that grants you usage rights in different situations. If you really want to buy an actual font itself, it can be done: We include transfer of IP when you commission a new font with us, which effectively will make you the exclusive owner of the fonts, but here we’re talking about the fonts from our library.

We hear you. We’ve got very positive feedback for our all-in-one font licensing approach, but we also acknowledge that you needed more options. There was no point in offering you a license with webfont and mobile app usage when all you needed was a 5 seat desktop license. That’s why we’ve kept and expanded the all-in-one licensing but also we’ve added new options closer to what the standard in the type industry is. Always staying true to the principle of no-nonsense font licensing and keeping things as simple as possible.


Webfont license
Our webfont license allows for self-hosted unlimited page-views, meaning that you embed them directly on your website and you don’t have to rely on third parties to serve the fonts to your site. Forget about tracking visits to see if you have to upgrade your license (were you going to do that anyway?). All this for a one-off fee. What’s not to like?

Desktop license
The standard commercial font license that you would find anywhere else, with the possibility of sharing it with your providers at no extra cost (as far as you don’t exceed the number of users you licensed the font for). If you need to upgrade the number of users, just drop us a line and we’ll discount what you already paid from the new licensing fee.

Desktop + Webfont license
Bring the previous two licenses together and you get this popular combo. Just tell us how many users you need for the Desktop license and you’d also get the Webfont for half its stand-alone price. Easy.

Branding with Type license
We believe fonts are key brand assets so they need a license to reflect that. Our Branding with Type all-in-one font licensing combines desktop, webfont, broadcast and mobile app usages; simply choose the number of authorised desktop users, including providers, and you are ready to elevate the consistency of your brand across every possible touchpoint.
There’s more to that though, it wouldn’t be a real corporate typeface if you couldn’t customise certain characters, add certain functionalities or rename the font files after your company or product. Please drop us a line explaining your case and we’ll show you all the options available. We’re here to help.

What happens with the old XS, S, M, L and XL licenses?
Not much, they are still valid. You don’t have to do anything with the licenses you already purchased apart from keeping them safe on your hard drive. If you want to upgrade one of your existing licenses, we will match it to one of the new licenses: The old ‘XS’ license is now ‘Desktop 1-5 users’. ‘S’ gets renamed as ‘Branding with Type 1-5 users’, ‘M’ becomes ‘Branding with Type 11-25 users’, ‘L’ is now ‘Branding with Type 51-100 users’ and ‘XL’ matches ‘Branding with Type Unlimited users’.

We didn’t nail it yet? Please get in touch, we appreciate your feedback.