Is that time of the year again.

Days are shorter, it’s cold outside (even in Spain, trust me) and we look forward to indulge ourselves on comfort food and drinks as if we didn’t do it enough throughout the year. It’s also the perfect time to reflect on the many things that happened this closing year.

We welcomed Moritz to the team, we improved our licensing to better serve your needs, we moved into a new office, we worked with amazing design and branding agencies developing customised versions of our retails typefaces for their clients (thank you guys, it’s been a pleasure)…

All that while releasing six new typefaces and updating two of our most popular ones. Here they are, just in case you missed them:

Bw Glenn Sans
Bw Glenn Sans. Geometry meets humanism with a subtle British feel. View typeface details »
Bw Glenn Slab
Bw Glenn Slab. The perfect sibling companion. Sturdy and mechanical. View typeface details »
Bw Darius
Bw Darius Italic & Stencil. Expanding the potential of our contemporary wedge serif. View typeface details »
Bw Gradual
Bw Gradual. A disruptive and unexpected high contrast geometric sans. View typeface details »
Bw Helder
Bw Helder. Quirky spurs available across three widths, by Thom Niessink. View typeface details »
Bw James
Bw James. Moritz Kleinsorge debut sans serif with ball terminals. View typeface details »
Bw Modelica LGC
Bw Modelica LGC. Greek and Cyrillic expansion for one of our bestselling families. Visit dedicated microsite »
Bw Nista
Bw Nista. A neutral grotesque with three defined personalities. View typeface details »

In 2018 you can expect new designs, language extensions and hopefully we will finally find some time to put together case studies of our custom work (this is becoming one of those new year’s resolutions, like going to the gym). 

Thanks for your support and all the best for the new year!