New font release: Introducing Bw James

Bw James is Branding with Type’s playful sans serif typeface designed by Moritz Kleinsorge. The angled stems, branching spurs and ball terminals all contribute to a personable and friendly mood, while the mono-linear body makes the typeface appear fresh and modern. All these elements blend together harmoniously in Bw James, striking a perfect balance between its charismatic personality and broad functionality.

This multi-purpose font family extends itself across eight weights that range from an exquisite Thin, where the ball terminals really stand apart and anchor the delicate line work to the composition, to a strong and powerful Black that will bring pure muscle to your designs. While the extreme weights are ideal for display purposes, the intermediate styles have been carefully crafted to perform well at medium and small sizes, providing a comfortable legibility in long paragraphs. On top of that, the eight upright styles are accompanied by matching true italics, drawn from scratch following the same design principles.


With more than 900 characters per style, Bw James comes equipped with plenty of OpenType features like alternates, small caps, ligatures, old-style and lining figures (proportional and tabular), fractions and case-sensitive forms. Like all Branding with Type fonts, Bw James is fully loaded with diacritics supporting all European Latin languages (and a few others), offering a rich palette for any project where a friendly tone of voice is required.

Moritz started working on Bw James during his university studies back in 2015. The typeface was further developed under the guidance of Pilar Cano from Letterjuice, as part of the Alphabettes mentorship program, then published by Branding with Type.

Scannen 4

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