Flat101 is a leading Spanish digital agency, specialising on e-commerce and CRO solutions. They’ve been growing rapidly for the last couple of years and it was time to reconsider their visual expression. The creation of a new bespoke font was a key part of the brand refresh.

Flat Sans is a slightly condensed, squared sans, with open counters and a generous x-height optimised for screen based usage. Its playful and unique retro sci-fi design would carry the personality of the agency across any application.

Illustration style developed with Narcís Rodriguez

FlatSans_case study_10
FlatSans_case study_7
FlatSans_case study_12
FlatSans_case study_5
FlatSans_case study_18
FlatSans_case study_17
FlatSans_case study_16
FlatSans_case study_15
FlatSans_case study_3
FlatSans_case study_11
FlatSans_case study_6
FlatSans_case study_14
FlatSans_case study_13
FlatSans_case study_9
FlatSans_case study_8